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Meet Our President: Mike Ferguson



Mike Ferguson is the President and founder of Lifesaver Learning Inc. He has a Bachelor's degree in business management, a Master's in health sciences and he is certified as a paramedic and aeromedical specialist. 

Ferguson has made helping and educating others his life's work. Before starting LifeSaver (an American Heart Association training center), he was using his knowledge and skills to save lives. He helped to establish a nationwide emergency medical system in Saudi Arabia. Ferguson served as a paramedic for Sedgwick County EMS, as a flight medic for Wesley's LifeWatch, and as a medic in the United States Air Force for eight years. He remains certified as a paramedic. 

Today, Mike Ferguson shares his vast knowledge with tens of thousands of people every year.

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2018 Health Care Heroes: Mike Ferguson

Mike Ferguson has made helping others his life’s work.


A paramedic by training, Ferguson has spent nearly three decades training people how to properly respond to life-threatening situations — particularly in the critical moments before emergency responders arrive.


He says the business was a natural extension of his work as a paramedic and with local health care systems.


“Saving a life is the greatest thing a person can do, from my perspective,” Ferguson says.

He turned that passion into a business 29 years ago when he started Lifesaver Learning Inc. to provide CPR, first-aid and basic and advanced life support training programs.


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Ferguson’s company, which is certified through the American Heart Association, offers classes to local businesses, community organizations, health care providers and schools.

Some are offered at Lifesaver Learning, 1115 S. Glendale in the Parklane Shopping Center. Other classes take the training to the trainees.


Many of these institutions are required to have some type of life-saving training to be able to provide services. Some employers are required to provide training to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.


Supporters say Lifesaver Learning provides a niche service because many of the free life-saving classes put on by the EMS and fire departments have dried up due to budget constraints.


Lifesaver Learning provides 30 to 40 training programs a month for certifications and re-certifications. Classes are typically four to six hours. Ferguson is involved with three to seven training classes a week, mostly advanced training. He has eight primary instructors.


Thousands of people have received life-saving training through Ferguson’s company.


“We’re just filling the void where there’s a need,” Ferguson says.


The business has created many long-term relationships with area organizations.

One of those is with Child Start Inc. The child care organization was Lifesaver Learning’s first account.


Executive director Teresa Rupp says Ferguson found a need in the market and built a solid business.


“He and his folks are good trainers,” Rupp says. “He has just been a good partner to work with.”

From the Wichita Business Journal: 

Josh Heck, Reporter

Video: Kansas's Lifesaver

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